Gerard Butler<3(:

We are still working on adjectives but now we cdan describe whoever we want. I chose Gerard Butler, my favorite actor. The point of this assignment is the same as the last; to better understand adjectives adn how to describe people in spanish.

Gerard Butler es un buen actor. El ha participado en veinticinco películas. El es alto y tonto. Tiene castano y los ojos azul. El es muy guapo y simpaticio.  El es muy talento. El es my actor favorita.

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Nelly Cruz<3(:

I am in Spanish II(2). We are currently working on adjectives and describing people. To help gain a better understanding of how to do this, we are describing Nelly Cruz. The point of this assignment is to help widen our knowledge and also help us with the verb ser or to be.

Nelly o Nelson Cruz es un jugador al beisbol para los Rangers de Texas. El es de dominican y nació en Montecristy, República Dominicana. Es un jugador de béisbol profesional. Tiene treinta y uno anos. El es alto y fuerte. El es simpatico tambien y talentoso. El es senora Hugghin’s jugador favorito.





Voki Introduction<3(:

Well in class we went to and created accounts. Next I went through and edited my avatar until I liked it, I also got to edit the voice on it. Later, at home, I had the chance to record an introduction about myself and have my voki say it in my voice. Finally I saved it once I liked how it sounded and emailed it to my teacher to receive my grade.


This was an…interesting assignment, it had parts I did and didn’t like. I enjoyed the use of technology as a learning aide and also that I had the choice of customization. I didn’t particularly enjoy recording the message, I don’t like talking on the phone. It was an altogether good assignment, pros overrule the cons.(:

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